A typical scenario for Place Arts is where a property owner is looking to stimulate the local area with artistic and creative projects.

These can be one-off projects such as video installations or continuous community led spaces that create an on-going discourse.

Naturally, the benefit of stimulating creativity in the local environment is an increase in footfall and diversity of audience to a location. Another benefit is the reduction of holding costs on vacant space.

  • For one-off projects we endeavour to source local artists to collaborate with on unique projects, creating interesting, community and message led window display sculptures and installations.
  • For longer term projects we work with a property owner to create a space. We will lead direction and plans however as a partnership we will look to the property owner to assist with sourcing volunteer staff.

Projects are designed with property owners. Owners can have as much or as little involvement in the curation of the works, we prefer more. Our approach would be to:

  1. Scout premises
  2. Hold workshop with owners on ideas, plans and themes
  3. Arrange a timeline for projects
  4. Activate
  5. Oversee development of projects


Our projects are arranged with property owners so that by using an otherwise empty property we can help them save on empty property rates. Property Owners can also benefit from working alongside our charity partner Centric Community Projects who when in occupation of a property are entitled to a reduction in business rates payable.

If you're a property owner looking to reduce holding costs and generate energy, footfall and marketing from vacant space then get in touch.

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We are supported by the nationwide umbrella charity Centric Community Projects and managing agents Vacant Space Management, who allow us the structural framework to create such engaging community led spaces.